My dad used to offer my sister and I ‘tips for living’. “You know, it’s easier to keep someone out then to get them out once they’re in.” The tips could be about relating to people, balancing your checkbook or the latest and greatest gadgets. It’s interesting, though, that for all the ‘tips for living’ offered at the dinner table or neighborhood walks, there are very few that I remember. Why is it that some things stick and others don’t?
Relevance. Often the things dad was talking about dad found to be incredibly important, but from my point of view there was no need for it (the info or the gadget). When, however, the electricity went out and I didn’t know how to get my garage door open and in my best thinking decided to use the car to open it, then his ‘tips’ were in high demand.
I wonder how much of that applies to the teachers and students we work with. How, then do we make things relevant? How do we teach the standards in a way the students find to be engaging and meaningful? I joke that if someone could have connected historical events and people to those documented in People Magazine then I would have been an A student in Social Studies. There is some truth to that.
Tips are amazing, but pointless tips are just that … pointless.

Report Cards – Lang Prof Level

This is a busy time of year with Halloween just behind us, report cards upon us, Veterans Day just ahead, and Thanksgiving in the not too distant future.
To answer questions regarding Levels 1 (Beginner), 2 (Early Intermediate), 3 (Intermediate), 4 (Early Advanced), and 5 (Advanced) and how they correlate with Emerging, Expanding and Bridging please see the attached memo (by the first CHECK mark).